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Anny Reed Returns to the Rood Crew!

A Rood Awakening! International is proud to announce the return of Anny Reed as Director of Ministry Development. Reed’s homecoming is an exciting occasion; and having served as a face of the ministry from 2012 to 2015, she was beloved by both the staff and partners.

The announcement comes at an important time for the ministry, […]

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Lydia Project Donates $10,000 To Hands of Mercy

In July 2015, Hands of Mercy Director Yeshi Reinhardt dropped by the A Rood Awakening! International headquarters to say hello to Michael Rood. A pleasant surprise was waiting for him… Michael presented Yeshi with a check for $10,000 from The Lydia Project toward Yeshi”s work with widows, orphans, and victims of terror in Israel.

Yeshi has […]

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Berwin’s Testimony: “It all started with a prayer…”

Wow. It all started with a prayer to the LORD. I said “GOD I need and want your wisdom. The same wisdom you gave to King Solomon I want it. I need your direction, your revelation and insight.” After the prayer within a week I know for sure  ADONIA took me by my shoulders and […]

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Transcribe to Get FREE Michael Rood Teachings for Life!

How would you like to get FREE Michael Rood teachings for life — and help the Rood Crew spread the Truth while you’re at it?

We need volunteers to transcribe ALL of Michael Rood’s teachings so that we can have a written script in English for every DVD (we’ll take that script and get it translated […]

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How To Conquer Fear

I arrived to the United States at age 6. I didn’t speak English or know anyone. We left our homeland, Mexico, where we had family, a beautiful home, and stability for the American dream.

When we first arrived we had no place to live. We lived on the living room floor at my father’s boss’s house for […]

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Shavuot Sale – 50% Off!

Shavuot is a prophetic and spiritual feast that reminds us of the blessings and gifts that come from the Almighty!

We are to act boldly, filled with his Spirit to do his will!

Learn all about Shavuot and what it means for the modern believer — and save 50% for a limited time!

Check our store for savings […]

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“Corrected” Ancient Hebrew Calendar Solves Biblical Mysteries

Coupling restored, ancient Hebrew agricultural practices with modern, pinpoint accurate astronomical data from NASA, a new calendar is helping to solve Biblical mysteries.

The Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar, published by A Rood Awakening! International, is the first and only calendar in the world to combine modern, astronomical data with “corrected” biblical timekeeping, shunning traditional rabbinic interpretations […]

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Update on Michael’s Condition – Looking Great!

Just a quick update on Michael Rood’s condition… he’s doing great!

Michael popped into the office for a few minutes to say hello and he is doing just fine. He is walking without assistance and growing stronger all the time.

The only pain he has is when we make him laugh (laughter is good medicine, but not […]

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Because We Are Family

When I first heard about Michael’s need for surgery and his predicament with health insurance I knew we could do it.

I knew it because you are not only a partner — you are family.

And we knew that if you, our family, knew the need we had to raise the money to help save Michael’s life […]

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Thank You from The Rood Family

I took my father to the hospital emergency department for chest pain on Tuesday. He didn’t want to go, but he knew he needed to. I was ready and waiting to take him, but I had to wait until he put down the guitar and stopped singing to his grandchildren. He took his time packing […]

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