Biblical Teachings

If you’ve ever wanted to go behind the scenes, to dive into the solutions to the mysteries of the Bible, Michael Rood can take you there!

With a teaching style that is emphatic and hard to ignore, Michael Rood reveals behind-the-scenes cultural context to help you demystify the secrets of the Bible, from the Feasts of the LORD, to the Ark of the Covenant, to biblical teaching truths hidden for centuries, or even a day-by-day playbook of the Messiah’s ministry.

Your faith will be renewed and recharged as Michael deciphers Scriptures that have been clouded by misinterpretation for centuries — no one can deliver the story behind the story like Michael Rood, the “biblical archaeologist”.

With undeniable, video proof, Michael Rood’s archaeological teaching series catapults biblical accounts from mere “stories” to verifiable, historical records that drop the jaws Scriptural scoffers everywhere!

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Michael Rood explains the hidden, Messianic meanings behind biblical feast days like no one else in the world. From Passover to Tabernacles, you’ll never see the Feasts of the LORD the same way again!

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Passover 2013
Hanukkah 6010

Discover how small mistranslations of end-time prophecy can change the meaning of a Bible verse from a “woman in a basket” to a “war missile.” Michael Rood clarifies the Bible like you’ve never seen!

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Zechariah’s Thermonuclear War
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The Mystery of Iniquity

Like a scene from an archaeology adventure movie, Michael Rood explains his life’s work — the world’s most accurate chronology of the Messiah’s life, revealing hidden truths that will shock your faith!

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Without the context of time and culture, entire books of the Bible can be misinterpreted. Let Michael Rood lead you, verse by verse, to reexamine the true message of the Bible’s most fascinating stories.

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How did pagan sun god worship end up in seemingly innocent, Christian traditions? And why do believers blindly follow along? Learn the truth, why it matters, and what the Almighty says about it all.

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