Berwin’s Testimony: “It all started with a prayer…”

Wow. It all started with a prayer to the LORD. I said “GOD I need and want your wisdom. The same wisdom you gave to King Solomon I want it. I need your direction, your […]

How Do You Recycle An Old, Worn Out Marine?

So how do you recycle an old, worn out Marine like me?

Give him 6 coronary bypasses, a new TV show, and stand back to see what happens…

Two-and-a-half years ago, after the second time in two […]

Who Needs Amazon Prime? Get 80% off Instead!

I came into the office this morning and they told me that it’s Amazon Prime Day – 70% off on Amazon… for garbage!

What we’re going to do is 80% off for the TRUTH!

We’re offering 80% […]