A Rood Awakening Around The World – Netherlands

Shalom – Welcome to A Rood Awakening Around The World with me… Eric Fransen.

I’ve spent the last couple of days in the Netherlands with our European Directors, Martin and Debbie Stoeten.  For over three years these […]

Exercise Makes Kids Smarter

It’s a zoo at our house lately — well, actually it’s more like the Olympics.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s really busy around here!

While taking a breather between gymnastics competitions for my 15-year-old daughter […]

Shavuot Sale – 50% Off!

Shavuot is a prophetic and spiritual feast that reminds us of the blessings and gifts that come from the Almighty!

We are to act boldly, filled with his Spirit to do his will!

Learn all about Shavuot […]