A Rood Awakening Around The World – Get Back To Your Roots!

Hola! I may look a bit Hispanic…. but I have a whole bunch of English, Irish, Norwegian, Swedish, and a little black Indian in me.

As we all look back at our family trees most Americans […]

A Rood Awakening! Around The World – India

Today I’m dreaming about India. Why India? Because India is about to get A Rood Awakening! (Tweet this)

That’s right!

We are in the process of finalizing an agreement with a Messianic Believer in India who has a […]

Transcribe to Get FREE Michael Rood Teachings for Life!

How would you like to get FREE Michael Rood teachings for life — and help the Rood Crew spread the Truth while you’re at it?

We need volunteers to transcribe ALL of Michael Rood’s teachings so […]