A Rood Awakening Around The World – The Inside Scoop!

Shalom Friends,

As I told you last week, Michael Rood was cleared by his doctors for take off. He looks great! The “ol’ marine” is chomping at the bit to bring you new teachings!

Last week, I […]

Postmenopausal Diabetics Benefit Most From Diet and Exercise

Proper diet (a plant-based diet was YeHoVaH’s original plan for us in Genesis 1:29) and exercise is always a winner. But studies are showing that the ultimate winner of a plant-based diet and moderate exercise routine […]

A Rood Awakening Around the World – A New Vision!

Greetings from Charlotte, NC…. Home of Shabbat Night Live!

Alright… you are already mad at me because you are thinking, “Michael Rood Re-Runs”.

I know…. I know…. But, do you know why we haven’t had a new […]