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Episode 19: Passover – The Path to Freedom (Part 2)

YeHoVaH chose Moses to deliver His people, after years of their enslavement in Egypt, so they could finally be given the land promised to Abraham and his descendants. Before they could leave the clutches of slavery and the pharaoh, the Almighty would demonstrate His power and authority with such strength and surety, that both His people and the people of Egypt would know that the false idols and gods of Egypt are no gods at all.

Join Michael Rood in the tent of Abraham for Passover: The Path to Freedom!

Shabbat Night Live

 Network Program Day & Time
Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) A Rood Awakening! from Israel Tuesday – 7:00 am (Eastern)
Inspiration TV (Europe) A Rood Awakening! from Israel

Shabbat Night Live

Friday – 1:00 pm (UK)

Saturday – 1:00 am (UK)

Gospel TV logo-best (Europe) Journey to the Center of the Word Monday – 1:30 am (GMT)

Wednesday – 4:00 pm (GMT)

Friday – 7:00 pm (GMT)

Omega TV (Iceland) Journey to the Center of the Word Monday – 10:30 am (GMT)

Tuesday – 4:30 pm (GMT)

Wednesday – 10:00 pm (GMT)

Thursday – 6:00 pm (GMT)

Friday – 2:00 pm / 8:30 pm (GMT)

Saturday – 1:00 pm / 11:30 pm (GMT)

Sunday – 1:30 pm (GMT)

Enlace (Spanish) A Rood Awakening! from Israel Saturday – 4:30 pm (Central)
roku_logo_l All programs Monday-Sunday – On-demand