This Week on Shabbat Night Live,
The Gospel of Jezebel
(or Easter and Christmas are A-OK With Me)
Episode 10 of the series by Michael Rood entitled

From Here To Eternity

Balaam taught Balak to use women to seduce the Israelite men into the pagan temples where they would compromise their commitment to the tenth commandment and thereby open the door to the curses that would result in the death of thousands. Jezebel goes a step further, seducing men and women alike to freely partake of the feasts dedicated to the pagan gods of Tammuz and Easter.

Today, as in the days of Thyatira, so-called Messianic Jews are steeped in the ways of Jezebel. They encourage fellow believers to continue celebrating the pagan holidays (things sacrificed to idols) while they themselves imagine they are on a “higher level” that only they are authorized to observe.

Join Michael Rood in Post-apocalyptic Charlotte, NC for this week’s episode of From Here to Eternity..

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Michael Rood has earned his reputation as the Messianic matador who waves his tattered red cape in the face of the religious bull of this generation. Michael’s television series: Prepare for A Rood Awakening! from Israel has been heralded as the most energetic exposition of Scriptural truth to come out of Israel in over a millennium.
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