Shabbat Night Live – February 21, 2014

From Here to Eternity – Episode 34: Babylon Has Fallen or the Demise of the New World Order

Out of the twenty-two chapters of the book of the Revelation, two of them are dedicated to the description of “mystery Babylon” and its ultimate destruction. Two entire chapters boil down to the very reason that the entire economic system of Planet Earth must be and will be destroyed before the Messiah reigns.

Now, at last, you will understand why Abraham was told to “come out of Babylon” in the book of Genesis – and finally in the book of the Revelation, the children of Abraham (by faith) are again instructed to “come out of Babylon”.

Join Michael Rood in post-apocalyptic Charlotte as he brings the book of Revelation to life. This is your opportunity to understand the future “From Here to Eternity”.