Episode 1: Sodom & Gomorrah


Michael Rood

Several years ago, Michael Rood, a biblical historian and author of the digitally re-mastered DVD "Sodom and Gomorrah", spent an entire week camped out under the stars in the city of Gomorrah. "I had heard that an archaeologist in the early 1800’s had found this site and reported its location. In 1989 another archaeologist stumbled onto this site while working in the area. When I was introduced to the evidence, I was compelled to make a journey to this desert." says Michael Rood.

Join Michael Rood on the shore of the Dead Sea where the quest for these ancient Biblical cities begins!


"Trudging my way through the ash by the light of the full moon, I crested an ashen incline onto this moonlit plateau. Pale yellow balls of sulfur, exposed by a recent fall rain, were perched on the surrounding ash. I crushed one between my fingers and inhaled: this was the reason that I journeyed over 8,000 miles." says Michael Rood.

Calcium, plus Sulfur, plus fire yields gypsum ash, and that is exactly what remains of the cities of the plain. Rood explains that "these structures appear as rock formations from a distance, but those who venture out into the deserted, lion prowled wasteland of Gomorrah, soon find their trek to become laborious as they sink ankle deep in the gypsum ash. When the ash is subjected to flame, it does not even change color; it has already been completely consumed."


"Substances burned with sulfur can have a higher remaining ash weight than the original substance. That may explain, in part, how the Sphinx shaped object in the image below, and others like them, can remain standing throughout the centuries. The layers of ash, twisted and warped by the intense heat, finally settle into a form that much resembles the original object. The minimal rainfall on this desert contributes to the longevity of these structures – slowly compacting the layers of ash through the centuries" explains Rood.

A Sphinx shaped object (image on the left) and two identical elongated pyramids (image on the right). © A Rood Awakening International.

"A 90-degree angle rarely occurs in nature, a phenomenon diligently searched for when looking for a man-made artifact", says the author. "And on this plateau we observe two identical elongated pyramids, which highlight the grand entry into the temple site at Gomorrah. They are identical in length, width, height, and angle of incline, an impossible combination for a naturally occurring rock formation."

These, and many other discoveries have been found – spread out along the Jordan River Valley – where the ancient cities of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboim are found still standing and covered with millions of chunks of brimstone!

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