The Last Will and Testament of the Earthly Tabernacle


Originally aired August 17, 2012. Guest: Warren Marcus, author of Shalom: One Man’s Search for Peace.

The Tabernacle on earth holds great significance for the past, present and future of Yah’s people, and understanding the difference between a covenant and a testament uncovers the beauty of what Yeshua did for us. This teaching by Michael Rood covers Hebrews 9.



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Shalom: One Man’s Search for Peace – by Warren Marcus

Michael Rood

“This is the story of God’s mercy toward me, a rebellious Jewish kid from Brooklyn. It is a reminder of how God can use the most unlikely situations, miracles, and other people to carry out His perfect will. This is a story of God’s sovereignty, for in spite of my human weaknesses and frailties, He has used me to be His humble instrument in reaching millions of others through television and films. It is my prayer that you might see His hand in your own life through reading SHALOM.”
- Warren Marcus
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