Shabbat Night Live – June 22, 2012


In This Week’s Shabbat Night Live!

  • Michael Rood will explain the 4th Biblical month and the name “Tammuz”.
  • Michael will answer a question in retort to someone using Romans 6:14-15. He will also explain what “under grace” really means to the believer today.
  • And will answer the question, do “old testament” laws apply to today?

Don’t miss this week’s Shabbat Night Live!
In Michael’s words, there will be some “hot Torah” during this broadcast!

Coming from Exodus Chapter 25, Michael will continue his latest teaching about the Ark of the Covenant and its significant prophetic implications. While not holding to any obligatory one year or three year Torah portion schedule, Michael attempts to help make the scriptures come together from Genesis all the way to the book of “maps”.


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