Shabbat Night Live – May 4th 2012


When the Israelites and their flocks were in jeopardy of dying of thirst on their way to Mount Sinai, the Almighty gave Moses the instruction to smite the rock. When he did, it poured forth with a fountain of water that quenched the thirst of the nation. Years later, Israel found themselves again in dire thirst near Kadesh-Barnea, when the Almighty gave Moses new instructions, concerning the rock. This time Moses disobeyed, costing him his life. He was not allowed to go into the Promised Land, because of the severity of his disobedience.

The English translation of the Hebrew Scriptures leaves us bereft of understanding the gravity this situation has given, and what Moses actually did that disallowed him from entering the Promised Land with Joshua and Caleb. Today, Christians and Messianic believers practice the very same thing Moses had done, not having proper understanding of the Instructions that the Almighty gave. They too, are in jeopardy of not being allowed into the Promised Land.

Do not miss this critical teaching on Shabbat Night Live this week as we continue our journey to Mount Sinai.

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