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About Matthew Hall

As Director of Aviv Fellowships, Matthew (AKA "Commander Hall") leads the charge for the Guardians of the Aviv around the globe by working hard to help people start new fellowships, find fellowships, and train up leaders to bring the true gospel of the kingdom to their community. Matthew is also the webmaster for A Rood Awakening!

Ministry Message from Matthew Hall

Shalom Guardians,
I pray your summer is going well and that the Father is opening doors and shaking things up for your ministry in your community. I put together a short, 4-minute video for you because there are some things I felt led to share from my heart regarding the ministry.

I will be sending some more updates later […]

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Not Qualified? Yes You Are!

“I’m not qualified to lead a fellowship!” It saddens me to say that this is the most common phrase here at Aviv Fellowships.

Although there are currently 220 Aviv Fellowships around the globe which is about 120 more than we had anticipated for 2015, I know that there are hundreds of leaders still waiting to take […]

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Why Aviv Fellowships Stand Out From The Crowd

Aviv Fellowships was birthed with a desire to enable those who guard the instructions of YeHoVaH to stand together against conformity and compromise.

We are on a mission to find those “Guardians of the Aviv” from every corner of the earth who are serious about keeping all of YeHoVaH’s commands without conformity and compromise.

This includes but is not […]

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The Big Event

The “Big Event” is a common term that we like to use for events in our lives that require a lot of planning in order to make it a success.

Some of the most important “Big Events” in the life of a believer should without a doubt be the Feasts of YeHoVaH. These are His appointed […]

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Tears of Joy

Too often we find ourselves looking at things from the outside while wondering, “Am I really making a difference?”

When we cannot see the ups and downs of the day-to-day operations, the small parts that make the engine run smoothly can appear to be insignificant. Then, without fail, the Father brings someone or something across our […]

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