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The Weissman Report | May 23, 2017

Israeli News Today: By David Weissman

President of the United States, Donald Trump arrives in Jerusalem: U.S. President, Donald Trump will arrived in Jerusalem, Israel yesterday as his trip abroad continues. He will be in the Holy Land for two days.The first day he will visit the Kotel (Western Wall), along with the church of the […]

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New Moon Sighted – 2nd Month

Today, April 27, 2017, the first sliver of the renewed moon was sighted in Israel. That means tonight at sunset will be the beginning of the 2nd month on the Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar, which is the month of Iyyar on the Jewish (calculated, rabbinic, Hillel II) calendar.

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Year-End Giving: December Rood Review Newsletter

How much this ministry does… is up to YOU!
YEAR-END GIVING OPTIONS is the topic of this month’s newsletter, now available for download!

If Michael Rood’s teachings have blessed you this is your chance to bring the truth to others!

Discover why your gift by December 31 is so important!


Here’s an excerpt from Michael’s letter…
“How much more we […]

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November 2016 Newsletter

You have enough… even if you don’t THINK you do!
LIVING IN ABUNDANCE is the topic of this month’s newsletter, now available for download!

See what Michael has to say about living in abundance instead of being afraid of not having enough!

Read powerful testimonies from people who have benefitted from this ministry — thanks to your giving!


Here’s […]

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Digestion Is Everything (FINALE – Part 9 of 9)

Digestion is everything… Why? Because your body is not going to get much benefit from anything if you have digestive troubles; proper digestion is an important key to healing.
Raw food is easiest for digestion because raw foods have their own enzymes to help the food break down and metabolize. However, people with irritable bowel syndrome, colon […]

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October 2016 Newsletter

The Chronological Gospels is NOW ON TV! Details in this month’s newsletter…
IT’S OFFICIAL… Michael shares a preview of The Chronological Gospels Show, now on Dish Network and

Check out the Aviv TV guide with details and showtimes for all of this month’s shows!

Get a beautiful 4×5-foot chenille throw with your Love Gift teaching this month – […]

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Diet: Why Yours Needs To Be Different (Part 8 of 9)

Diet matters, especially when it comes to oxidation, which is the real enemy, whether you’re sick or not. We can’t stop oxidation; it happens with every metabolic process in your body, it happens with exercise, and even with breathing and thinking. The key is to counteract it by ensuring that most of your diet consists […]

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Juice: When To Do It, When To Avoid It, and Why It Matters (Part 7 of 9)

Juice from living foods is, essentially, your multi-vitamin; and a much more effective and powerful one than anything that comes in tablet – 90% of those are a waste of money anyway.
Now, “what about fiber?” you maybe be asking. “Why would I remove all the fiber in juice? I thought fiber was good for the […]

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September 2016 Newsletter

Watch new shows! Details in this month’s newsletter…
Watch Yom Teruah online! BETTER HURRY… Yom Teruah is just around the corner — get more details on what you’ll see!

NEW! AvivTV is the weekends-only network of truth – find out what you can watch online this weekend!

GET A SHOFAR with your Love Gift donation in September! – INCLUDING Michael’s NEW Day […]

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Juicing Secrets Revealed (Part 6 of 9)

Juicing makes the body more alkaline and less acidic — why is this important? Because disease cannot survive in an alkaline body… and weight loss can’t happen when you’re acidic!
To lose weight and keep it off, just like reversing disease, you need to flood the body with alkaline foods (juicing is the best way) and limit the […]

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