Highlights from Jerusalem Post Conference

Sunday began the annual Jerusalem Post Conference. The Jerusalem Post is one of the top leading media companies in Israel. They have been in business for over 70 years bringing the latest updates in the security of Israel as well as political news. Though they lean left politically at times still, in my opinion, they […]

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Women In Ministry

Recently I was involved in a discussion about the role of women in society according to the Scriptures.   I won’t reveal the depths of that extremely divided conversation. But that very week, the women of A Rood Awakening! International were surprised with a special day organized by the men of A Rood Awakening! International.

It was […]

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Midlife Fitness Predicts Long-Term Heart Health

Research is showing that a person’s fitness level at midlife is a strong predictor of long-term heart health.  In fact, it’s proving just as reliable as traditional risk factors like cholesterol level or high blood pressure.

The research focuses on how fast a person can run one mile:

High fitness: 8 minutes (men), 9 minutes (women)
Moderate fitness: 9 minutes (men), 10.5 […]

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How To Celebrate Passover & The Feast of Unleavened Bread  

When is Passover?

Passover this year is expected to be sundown, April 11 to sundown, April 12, 2017.

Is Passover the Last Supper?

NO!  Yeshua will literally fulfill all of the prophetic shadow pictures embedded in the Passover.  The rehearsal in the Temple was just a shadow of the fulfillment that was about to occur in the Kingdom […]

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The Weissman Report | March 6th, 2017

Israeli News Today: By David Weissman

The principal of a Haredi elementary school of Tiferet Yaakov was arrested at Ben Gurion Airport upon his return from a trip abroad, reported Kikar news. The source of the allegation was alleged money laundering. The elementary school principal has been on several missions to help raise money for […]

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Why is A Rood Awakening! International Always on the Cutting Edge? By Tedd Clayton

How Does This Help Deliver the Gospel?
During last year’s Passover 2016 at The Concord Convention Center, an Ambassador Club member came over to me and said “I just want to thank you for making us feel so important. I asked her,”How? In what way do I make you feel important?” She responded, “by making everything […]

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Heart Disease and Bone Loss: Could One be the Cause of the Other? By Scott Laird, ND

Here’s one for your “hmmm, now isn’t that interesting” file. A few years ago, researchers in Canada determined that “heart disease/failure is associated with a 30 percent increase in major fractures.”*

Sumit Majumdar, MD, of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and lead author of the study, said, “Our study demonstrates for the first […]

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Dental Care: The Heartbeat of Great Health

Dental care is a no-brainer — everyone knows that brushing your teeth and flossing prevents gum disease.

But did you know it can go a long way to ensure your whole body stays healthy?

Naturally, we want to take preventative measures to eliminate every potential cause for malfunctioning cells and the diseases that result. We eat better […]

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How will you change the world?

I just have one question for you… How will you change the world in 2017?
Now I know you are saying to yourself:

Well I’m just one man or woman…
What can I do to change the world?
I’m not important…
No singular person can have an impact on the world…
I’m not good enough to […]

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Digestion Is Everything (FINALE – Part 9 of 9)

Digestion is everything… Why? Because your body is not going to get much benefit from anything if you have digestive troubles; proper digestion is an important key to healing.
Raw food is easiest for digestion because raw foods have their own enzymes to help the food break down and metabolize. However, people with irritable bowel syndrome, colon […]

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