Shabbat Night Live — January 24, 2014

Michael Rood - Jan 24, 2014

Shabbat Night Live - January 24, 2014

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From Here To Eternity - The 7th Trumpet
The Last Trumpet & The Resurrection of The Saints

This is it!!!

Yes, Bible fans, this is the moment everyone has been talking about in the Christian church – yet few having any idea of the legal prerequisites to the event of which they so cluelessly speak: The Gathering Together (harpadzo in Greek, rapturo in Latin) of the Saints at the second coming of the Messiah (or the first coming of Yeshua as The Messiah – as he came the first time as THE PROPHET that we must “shema” (hear and obey)). Do not miss this event (either this teaching on Shabbat Night Live – or the actual “Last Trump” resurrection of those in Messiah).

Call your friends, enemies, pastors, teachers, commanding officers, moms and dads and tell them: “Tonight, on A Rood Awakening’s Shabbat Night Live, we will find out exactly WHEN the rapture occurs!” – that ought to get their attention. With all the non-sense talk about the rapture happening at the time of the upcoming lunar eclipses, this will again set the record straight that there will be NO PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE and when the “rapture” does transpire, it will not be a secret to anyone except the members of the Dead Atheists Society awaiting the “Resurrection of the Unjust”.

This SNL will be, as all future episodes, FAMILY FRIENDLY – I will not be telling either Obama, the Congress, or the Pope “where to go”. Or perhaps I will opt to use either the Hebrew or Greek words so that those without a seminary diploma or an analytical concordance of the original languages will not be able to decipher my decidedly de-escalated tirades against the perversions, abominations, and compromises of Post Christian America.

I love you all.

Hugs and kisses,
Michael Rood



Author and Host

Michael Rood

Michael Rood has earned his reputation as the Messianic matador who waves his tattered red cape in the face of the religious bull of this generation. Michael’s television series: Prepare for A Rood Awakening! from Israel has been heralded as the most energetic exposition of Scriptural truth to come out of Israel in over a millennium.


Special Guests include:

Pastor Peter Ndamba
A native of Mozambique, Pastor Peter fled the war-torn country for Zimbabwe at the age of 15. In the early 1980’s, he experienced an encounter with Yeshua and started African Ministries International (aka Missions to Africa) shortly thereafter. Currently, Pastor Peter is in the process of building a preschool, rental apartments and acquiring land for the purpose of spreading the Gospel throughout Africa.

Musical Guest: Teshuva
Teshuva is the Hebrew word for repentance or rather, a turning. “Fitting for the band,” they say, “as we both love Israel and know humanity needs to turn to the truth found in the Bible.”

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