Shabbat Night Live from Charlotte

Michael Rood is back from his whirlwind tour through South Africa and is eager to tell you all about it on this week’s Shabbat Night Live! Joining him will be Kenny Russell from Gottalife International, with a message about “bulldozer faith,” walking in the Spirit, and the history-making event that took place in the United States this week — the Presidential election.

We are also excited to welcome Molora Kellstrom, a singer / songwriter / “spreacher” with a voice as beautiful as the messages she proclaims!

About the Special Guests

Kenny Russell

Kenny Russell is the founder of Gottalife International. He travels around the world, ministering the word of God to every country and every place that God tells him to go to. He is currently in the United States in a nation tour lead absolutely by the Almighty. Kenny was born in Scotland, but now lives in Israel with his wife Hayley.


Molora Kellstrom

Molora is a singer, songwriter, “spreacher” and worship leader with a rich cross-generational multi-ethnic style. But above all Molora in anointed. Her music and voice speak directly to your heart with undeniable realism.

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