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EPISODE 4: “The Beginning of the End”

Are the end times upon us? What does being “born again” really mean? Have we completely misunderstood the Book of The Revelation? Get the TRUTH of what is just around the corner in this episode of Shabbat Night Live, as Michael Rood presents episode 4 of “10 Jubilees to the End Time Messianic Age” — “The Beginning of The End!” … more exciting details this weekend! Watch Friday and pre-order the entire 7-episode series on DVD or Blu-ray!


10 Jubilees To The End Time Messianic Age – Blu-ray, DVD or CD!


Some 15 years after Michael Rood received a disturbing revelation from heaven, the time has come to deliver the most uncomfortable message of his life: “10 Jubilees To The End Time Messianic Age”. Before you watch this series… ask yourself if you are ready to accept that the next year could start an unstoppable timeline to the end of days.

Pre-order the entire 7-episode series on Blu-ray, DVD, or Audio CD! (SHIPS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13)


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Meet the Cast

Michael Rood - Shabbat Night Live

Michael Rood

Michael Rood is an author, historian, teacher, broadcaster, and life-long student of the Bible. Famous for his no-nonsense teaching style, Michael Rood reveals the beauty and simplicity of the Gospel, while exposing Christian traditions and fairytales that prevent believers from realizing their true calling. If you’ve been desperate for “something more,” be prepared to learn the answers that will change your life.

Scott Laird profile photo - in suit

Scott Laird

Co-host of Shabbat Night Live and our resident naturopathic doctor, Scott Laird champions Michael Rood’s masterwork, The Chronological Gospels. He is also the ministry’s Communications Director, keeping you up-to-date on what we’re up to and how you can be a part of what’s happening next!

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